Girls, Should I make another move?

Hey everyone,, There is that girl that i talked with in the beginning of the year and after that i saw her everywhere ! in the university, in the station, in the train and we always have eye contact and i'm sure she sees me but i never talked to her! but i felt she wanna talk to me. After that i decided to talk to her, and when i did, we talked a little bit and she remembered me but she denied seeing me in the station, she didn't seem not interested in me, like i ask her and she return the question until the train came and she went without saying anything and she went to the further door and not the near one that i got in, i was really frustrated all week. And then i saw her again when i was sitting on the computer and she sat in front of me and we had eye contacts but i ignored her and didn't smile or say anything, after that she went to the toilet and when she came back she looked at me and i looked at her and she smiled and i smiled also. That made really confused, why did she smile if she did this to me? she could keep ignoring me like nothing happened, so what you advice me to do? should i go to her again or wait till her to come to me?
I need heeeelp, i can't make decision :(


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  • It wouldn't hurt. But let this be the very last time


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