Girls, I have been talking on the phone and texting this girl for a couple of months. New job has caused texts and calls to slow should I keep trying?

I started talking with this woman last December. We had spoken until about February when her purse with her phone had been stolen. 6 months later she texts me out of the blue. I have known her for about 8 years. She made the comment we "need" to hang out. So we tried to schedule a date several times, but have been unsuccessful. We recently tried to schedule a date the Saturday after Thanksgiving, but her new job forced her to work a mandatory 6th day due to holidays. We have feelings for eachother and tell eachother that we love eachother. The problem is that. She is working 11 hour days 6 days a week, and the conversation a have really really slowed down since Thanksgiving. We have brought up dating about a month and half ago and she agreed. We have spoken in the phone since then and still tell eachother we love eachother. Should I back off and stop texting and wait for her, or should I just chalk this one up?
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  • wait it out

    • I'm trying... it's so Damn hard... lol

  • i think you should try and wait it out

    • I think So too, but it's tough when we have tried 5 times to schedule a date.

      Date 1 cancelled because of her son got hurt at school.

      Date 2 cancelled, cause her step dad was taken to the hospital.

      Date 3 (next day) car broke down

      Date 4 cancelled cause son had a stomach virus and a ruptured eat drum.

      Date 5 cancelled because of work schedule.

      Date 4 she was getting upset cause it had to be cancelled.

      This is the text she sent when date 4 cancelled.

      I know But we keep having to push date night back and back, but I gotta get him together. Now my fucking ear hurts!

      I spoke with her 2 days ago on the phone and she still told me she loves me, and agreed to try for another date next Friday.

      I hope holding out works. Should I hold off o, texting to see if she comes around again?

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    • Thank you

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