Girl is losing interest. What should I do?

I was very good friend with this girl. We both had relationships, but we were like really good friends, trusted everything to each other and so on. Her boyfriend dumped her and my girlfriend dumped me. So we went out and things got very quickly pretty hot. She was really into me, i have never seen physical attraction like that. But she was very moody even at the beginning. One day she wanted me so much, other day said we are moving too fast and wanted to just be friend. But then she suddenly lost interest. She said that she is quite neutral about us and doesn't feel anything. Last weekend she didn't want to meet and anything. We didn't have sex on our dates, so i said we could meet and do anything (sex), she was there in a moment. At the moment she is quite cold, gives me very few hot signs. She wants to keep the rule, that i am only with her and she is only with me. But she doesn't flirt anymore and acts a lot colder than before. I understand that she misses her boyfriend, he dumped her less than month ago. We text everyday and she texts me and everything but i can see that she is not so in me anymore. What should i do to light that spark again?


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  • Tickle her until she urinates. That keeps them very interested.


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