Girl has initiated contact last three days, but has cancelled date due to sickness?

Met this Spanish girl online and we've had two dates, in which she has shown plenty of IOIs like touching, laughing, asking questions and getting very close to me.

After both dates she has contacted me as normal, we've teased one another before I ask her out for the next date.

Last Sunday, we arranged a date for this current Wednesday. The conversation started by me pretending to read her mind, joking that she wanted to have drinks with me then take advantage of me. She replied "Well I'd like you sober to take advantage, you'll have to wait and see what happens". I then arranged place, date and time and she agreed.

The last three days she has initiated contact, texting me stuff like "hello!! hows your day going?, "hello naughty boy!! how you doing?" and "Hi naughty ninja how r u?".

Our recent texting went as follows:

GIRL: Hi naughty ninja how r u?
ME: I'm as cool as a cucumber :P how about you, cheeky?
GIRL: Hahahah I'm ill!!
GIRL: I got a cold!
ME: I bet this means I'll have to bring a protective mask tomorrow, so I don't catch your cold (n)
GIRL: Or maybe we could change the plans, cause I don't feel too good to go for a drink, except if it's a hot toddy in a place with blankets! Hahah
ME: I was going to take us bowling, no drinks. Should be warm in there if you're up for it, I'll bring my secret special blanket for you

(two hours later at 11.30pm)

ME: No worries anyway, we can always do this another night.. Just let me know when you're feeling better and up for it
(following morning) GIRL: Yes please! Cause I had fever last night, and I feel terrible!

Do you think she is blowing me off and is uninterested, or genuinely ill? I know people CAN get ill, but I've had similar problems in the past with other girls, although that was a time when I'd be chasing/acting more interested than the girl... Whereas here, this girl keeps initiating, e


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  • Sounds like she was generally sick since she offered to go out with you another night. But I wouldn't read to much into it

  • Who knows? I do know if she just has a cold she won't be ill forever. If she's lying then eventually she has to come up with another excuse.

    • True.. Will check up on her tomorrow and probably wait until Sunday when she has a new rota at work

    • Alright.

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