Does meeting the mom mean anything?

Months ago he definitely didn't give any indication he wanted me to meet her at that time (he lives with her and from what he's told me she's overbearing), but now he said she wants to meet me and that we need to make it happen (that includes meeting mine as well). He told me he hasn't had friends/anyone over to the house in years because of it. I've always been told that a guy isn't serious about a girl unless he brings her home to meet his mother-which I always thought was bull since I met my ex's parents after a couple years and there was zero anxiety involved since the relationship was far more relaxed and laid-back, but this guy is the serious/quiet/geeky type and based on how he talks of her, I am nervous and unsure of what to think of it.


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  • Over bearing moms are the worst!! 😩 Good luck to you my dear my ex's mom ruined our relationship I couldn't take it anymore.

    • Ugh.. :(

      I mean, he tells me all this stuff at first about how she's crazy, but now he thinks it's time for me to meet her? He's already said that my mom sounds crazy based on what I told him about her.. but she isn't that bad, and I know she probably won't embarrass me.

      I don't know how it works, I guess. He met my dad and it was like "oh. hey." and that was it. I'm afraid it'll be some weird ceremony/dinner type thing where I get asked a ton of questions.

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    • We haven't even had any "talks" or anything.. so I was a bit surprised he brought it up... another reason why I'm not sure if it might indicate anything. We really just hang out at my house and watch movies. He's pretty passive.

    • Hmmmm. That's not really a relationship. Sounds more like just being friends. I would make sure you define what you guys are especially before he meets your family because they will ask

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