What is the purpose of talking to someone everyday even if you do not like them or plan on meeting up with them?

I'm a girl, so in my case I meet a lot of guys who do this. I'm not sure if girls do this too.

This has happened to me twice where I ended up falling hard for these guys and cried over them when I realized it was going no where.

I've met two guys who, from the beginning I can tell there is so much chemistry between us. It seems like we both really like each other. They seem so into me. One of the guys I used to work with, the other I met while on vacation. They used to text me every single day, tell me how they're so attracted to me and never felt this way before, blah blah blah. But they won't move the relationship forward.

Anytime I try to cut them off they get really upset and try to "fix" things, but it always just goes back to talking everyday and never progressing. They'll always hint at something happening in the future (just to keep me around, I am certain) but nothing ever happens.

With one guy, it went on for 3 years. I couldn't get away from him. He acted like he was my boyfriend... we would hang out once a month. But we never kissed and we never had sex. After I cut him off he was a mess.

This second guy, who I am cutting off now. We kissed a few times when we first met, but we never had sex. We never saw each other again after that but we've had phone sex and we talk every single day.

With both guys I just assumed maybe they were shy, so I tried to pursue them, asked to hang out, tried to make things go further, but the minute I would do that they would back away and get scared. So I'd take that as them not being interested, and I try to get away from them.

What is the purpose of this? Why does someone need to talk to someone every single day if they aren't interested in them romantically? And why do them make me look like the bad person when I cut them off and make me feel bad?


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