I should let it go right?

My boy friend and I started dating a year ago this month but we had broken up for four months in that time frame. During those 4 moths he had slept with 2 girls said he was drunk both times. I know we were apart he has every right to do whatever he wants but it bothers me. Everyone and then it creeps into my mind and I hate it. I know it's normal but why is it so hard to let go


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  • Well since you both have broke up was it a mutual thing or was it him or you? Having a break up relationship a year is a long time, but you have to think what you should do after the break up, still be friend with him? Delete him from your life? DO you still like him?

    After answering those question, Would you still go with him after he slept with 2 girls though he said he was drunk (My personal opinion even if a person is drunk the person still knows what he/she is doing).

    If you truly feel that it is hard to let him go and you want to let him go you have to find something to keep you occupied, such as hobbies and TV and other things


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  • You will never be able to let it go it will eat at you until the end of your relationship trust me. I would end it now if I were you.


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  • if it bothers you so much, let him go. It may be hard but you won't regret it in the long run


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