How to get the "player/popular" guy?

Ok. So sometimes i feel like he's a player but then i remember that he never looks for girls attention but rather THEY come seeking him. Howwever he's nice, so when he talks to someone he pays attention, interacts with them, often talks back and smiles or laughs if they said smthng funny etc.. so u feel "connection" with him. I gotta admit this wasn't hard for me to find out as i am this kinda person too. I am nice to people, when i talk i pay attention and i always make froendly convos with aquaintances, they eventually become new friends easily.
BUT the thing is, im not a player. So if i like someone i only pay attention to that guy and after multiple convos with him i only flirt with HIM and only him. But today i happened to find him flirting b1ck with this girl and he was very sweet and flirtatious with her. This got me wonderinh , wtf? And second i knw he likes me cuz he always only tries to reach for me among all the other girls trying to make him fall for them. But i also dont like to play games for this long (2 months already) and this is seriously getting on my nervs
How to get the "player/popular" guy?
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