He disappeared... what is going on?

My crush and I got pretty close in the past weeks. He even "used" a video game night with another guy as an excuse to have me over. Then the guy left a couple minutes later and it was only him and I, and the evening together was beyond my expectations. Anyways, we were supposed to do something on Monday, but he "bailed" cause his roommates' friends were hogging his living room and then he got caught into something. So we ended up not hanging out... It made me mad cause he made me wait a lot of time and I had cancelled a bball game for him. I don't think he didn't want to see me and didn't say, I think he's just too nice for his own good. He probably didn't dare kicking those people out of his apartment. The fact that he didn't want me over when they were around could be that he wanted us to be alone..
We're in the same class and I was hoping to see him today, but he wasn't there. His sister is in our class too, and I overheard her talking to the guy who had set us up saying that she hadn't seen him today. He hasn't texted me since Monday evening. He's the worst texter ever, he takes forever to reply, but he never showed disinterest in texting me whatsoever. He always asked me how my day had been and a lot about what I like, said my name a lot, used lots of smileys, etc. He even waited for me after class and walked out of the building together on Monday (before he bailed), so I don't think he could possibly be avoiding me. After today and no news, especially after hearing his sister saying that she hadn't seen him (they don't live together), I'm started to worry. She said that she saw him at the beginning of class but he was gone by the end. Could he have left because I was there and he wanted to avoid me? Could he think that I'm upset and feel too ashamed to have bailed to talk to me? Or.. could it be that he just doesn't like me and doesn't want to have to deal with me at all after that? What do you guys think?
So she wasn't actually talking about today's class, she was talking about another day.. I texted him a few minutes ago and he said that he slept through his alarm... As usual, he really seemed happy to talk to me. He said my name and used emojis.


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  • I was going to say just give it another week and then see if this behavior continues But then I saw the update...

    • Yea. He did the same as usual, emojis and "how was..." whatever I had told him about. I'm less worried, but still..

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    • Yea, that really sucks! I love this show so much!

    • Welp I'm guessing that we both know that's the life of an anime fan
      Ya know a life of #cliffhanger and what ifs shortly after that... haha

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