Is it weird that I just want to be alone forever?

I've never had a good real relationship before. And as time passes on I just want less and less to do with guys. Any flings I've had are just so much stress and work and I'm tired of them. I haven't dated for about 3 years now and I just can't find any motivation nor confidence to work something out with anyone. I've been thinking about how it's easier to be alone and how much more experienced I am with being alone, lol. I know it's sad. Part of me still wants to be with someone, especially for physical and mental needs but I have no interest in persuing anyone. Guys don't like me once they find out what I'm like, and it's hard to be reminded of that truth every time they break away from me. I don't know I just need someone to help me feel okay with this feeling or to give me some reassurance that I'll find someone. And don't give me that "your under 18 speech"😂 It doesn't help


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  • I know you don't want the whole under 18 thing but dating and how guys and girls see it radically changes from when you were 14. I know it can seem awful if you've never actually been with someone that made you happy and feel good about yourself but that doesn't mean they aren't out there. Part of finding someone to love is the willingness to endure a bunch of bullshit on the way to finding them. If you don't want to date for right now that's fine. There's nothing wrong with that but if it's because of fear of someone not loving you for who you truly are as a person don't let that fear control you. You really aren't alone in having a tough time finding someone special.

    • And for what it's worth I do hope a nice guy comes along and causes you to change your mind about dating and being with someone.

    • Thank you I hope so too

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  • I know you don't want the under 18 speech, but seriously you have all the time in the world.
    People's wants radically change between high school and college ages.
    The growing up period changes a LOT about a person. It's when you form your long-term goals (and don't change them - for the most part) and know what you are really looking for in life.

    You really are too young to know exactly what you want.
    There will be plenty of guys (when you're older) who will like you based on your interests alone! High school boys/girls are too fickle. Y'all are still developing. Seriously, give it time before you decide to throw aside guys for the rest of your life :P

    But you know what, even if you do want to be alone forever, there are people that are happy with that life. They basically substitute a boyfriend/partner with family and friends. I could never live that life, it'd be far too lonely, but I know there are a lot of people that preach by it.

    • And this is coming from someone who didn't have a "good real" relationship until after high school.
      I thought I was going to be alone forever, too. But then I found my forever person that changed my mind.

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  • Wanting to be alone is normal, never had a good real relationship, that's sorta unlucky. However you should not feel down since your still young, some guys would not mind dating a girl that need physical and mental needs. If you don't feel motivated then that's ok, because deep down you now if a hot guy shows interest in you, you will be motivated.

    P. S when you wrote I just need someone to help me feel okay with this feeling or to give me some reassurance that I'll find someone. I just want to say watch out for internet trolls

  • I know that feel, dudette but I'm going to keep up hope.

  • not even some cuddling or holding hands? i think i'll miss that in my forever alone course... .

    • oh you are indeed under 18 and it matters like it or not. 3 years before you were fucking 14. what maturity did you expect from boys that age or from yourself?

    • I don't see what me being 14 has to do with me being 17 now and I'm almost 18.. And maturity is not doe sent of age but underestimate me of you want

    • no its just almost humanely impossible to make a mature and life lasting relationships at that age. its all lust, infatuation, hormones, and childish idealistic archetypes at these ages. wither you like it or not thats the nature of mankind it has nothing to do iwth you personally. thats why i think teens shouldn't date and that only heartbreaks and traumas it can cause... .

  • I don't want to be alone forever. I'd like to be with someone if it worked well but I feel like I'm just going to be disappointed so I'm always by myself lol. I've never tried dating ever and so far I'm fine with it.


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  • You'll definitely get out of the hole you're in eventually.

    As you mature... so will your mind.

    We've all had a "Down point" in life, some of which were so bad we never thought we'd recover from it.

    You'll get there eventually.
    You'll get to the point where you are ready to open your heart again, and give love another chance.

    You haven't healed completely, so it makes sense that you have no interest.


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