How can I get closer to him?

So I've become pretty good friends with my best friend's brother since we first started hanging out around 3 years ago and I really like him.. we kissed a few times before, but I was always busy and away at school so I never really got to talk to him or see him much, except for random weekends when I'd come home and we'd go to the bars or over to his house with our friends and we always have a lot of fun when we're together. But because of my other life at school, I just really didn’t do good with the whole emotional connection thing. Well, I just graduated college about a month ago and I'm home now. So, now that I'm home more often, I'd like to see him more than just on the weekends. So my question is.. how can I go about hanging out with him more or get to him to want to hang out with me more? Like this weekend we hung out and he was like “I’m sure I’ll see you more often now that you’re home. We should hang out again next weekend.” But I wanted to be like “How about this week?” but I just couldn’t get the guts to say it. I guess before it’s almost like I was just playing the whole hard-to-get thing, but it didn’t really work because it kind of just made us more distant. So should I just flat out tell him that I want to see him more and that I do like him? Or is there a better, more discreet way of going about this? I’m trying to text him more often, but like what kinds of things should I say/do? Like do guys like it when girls try to make plans and suggest something fun to do that interests them? Or should it just be something as simple as “How was your day?”. Seriously, any suggestions will help.. I’m so bad at this whole “relationship” thing haha.


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  • You need to literally move things closer.


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