Girls why does it take you long to get ready to go out? What do you do while getting ready lol? Is 30 minutes enough time?

Last night i was going to a school dinner with my girlfriend. I had some other things to do but told her i would pick her up at 5:45. I finished early so i went home changed real quickly and it was 5:15. I texted her and told her i would be their in 10 miinutes. She didn't text back so i assumed she was ready or something or finishing up her make up or whatever you girls do lol. So i rang her door bell and she was wans't even in her dress and had her hair up all funny and complaining why i came so early... 5 minutes later she was like "you're wasting my time, i have to get ready!"... So i waited insinde her house... and waited... and waited. 25 whole minutes passed!! lol still not ready lol. we ended up leaving at 6:10. She was also mad cause she had to do her make up in the car. I mean isn't 25 or 30 minutes enough time? I was literally just talking with her mom the whole time until she got ready.

What takes so long? :p


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  • Because we're literally doing 50 things that we saw on 20 tutorials, trying to perfect it, make it last, plus hair, plus outfit... fuck me sideways, even for a girl who doesn't wear makeup much if I'm going all out it takes like 2 hours!

    I have to do my makeup (can take up to an hour) probably shower, do a prebrush of my teeth, pick my outfit, put it on, decide if I look bloated in it, do my hair... I feel tired just thinking about.

    • 2 hours!!! :o that's like waiting for a plane to take off lol. i get ready in 10 minutes tops. can't you practice tutorials at another time lmao?

    • If I want to look damn good instead of just good, I need two hours.

    • Then you look damn good and take the time you need! :D im sure my girlfriend is the same lol.

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  • It's one of life's great mysteries. There's no point in challenging it be cause you will have about as much of a chance of making the sun rise in the west. When you interfere by talking or being within sight while they know you are waiting ends in her being annoyed at best or possibly being physically violent. So, just do what the rest of us do, pretend like you don't notice how long it takes, avoid eye contact while they are getting ready or engage in conversation. Just disappear until she's ready and be thankful it didn't take longer than it did.

    • i was thinking after the 30 minute point to go upstairs and tell her to hurry up lol but she would get more mad. Ill take your advice for the next time lol

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    • Be careful, she might send you home with 8 fingers and one testicle.

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  • No way 25 minutes isn't even enough time for my daily makeup. I would take even longer if I was going out to a dinner date

  • 10 minutes for everyday look
    15-20 minutes for a formal event or something.

  • It depends. If I have to shower first... then I have to:

    Wash hair, condition hair, shave, wash body.

    While I towel dry my very long hair and wait, I wash my face. I plug in my hair curling iron. Then I moisturize my face, tweeze my eyebrows, put make up (this step can vary from minimal make-up to a bit more, depending on the venue). Once my hair is dry, I start curling my hair, this process is annoying and can take some time. I have to brush it and put finishing styling stuff in it.

    Then I get to get dressed. I usually already have something in mind already so this doesn't take too long. Then I accessorize, which also doesn't take too long since I have earrings and whatnot in mind.

    All of that is for a fancier date, wedding, or something like that. It can take over an hour. I do NOT do this frequently. Today it took my 10 minutes to get ready, since I already showered. I just put my hair in a ponytail, put my mascara on before getting dressed, and I left the house.

    • Jesus Christ :o that is a lot to do. i just put on my suit, fix my hair, spray colgone and out the door in 10-15 minutes. I would say my girlfriend does the same as you for a dinner with me and wedding. I don't know how long she takes to do a daily thing. She usually has her hair up and sometimes doesn't wear make up. But i like the sound of 10 minutes lol. But man being a girl must be tough when getting ready haha

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  • Just too many details they care about... so it takes time.

  • Hair, face, makeup, outfit.

    You don't understand haha. Gotta look perfect.


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