Am I screwed?

So I'm 17, I have a cell phone. I can't send or receive texts.

It seems like no one ever interacts when not in person unless its via text. Sometimes people even text when they are right next to each other.

When ever someone talks about a someone they are interested in, they always talk about texting them...

So my question is am I at a severe disadvantage getting a relationship because I can't text?


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  • Get a job and pay for your own phone with texting

    I honestly don't know a single person who doesn't text. And you're right, no one calls anymore, everything is through texting


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  • Of course not! There are so many other ways of communicating. Call her, IM her, email her, write her sweet little notes... if you know her well you can even walk her to places and have conversations that way! Too little human interaction these days...

  • Why don't you just pay $10 extra to get texting?

    • Because it's my parent's plan and they hate texting, because my phone is so crappy it lacks texting capabilities, and well there's no third reason but those first two pretty well cut it off.

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