Should I text him before I call... or just call?

Should I text a guy to see when he's free to talk first? Or should I just go ahead and call? (and if I do, leave a message or no?)


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  • Just call. Yeah sure leave a message


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  • Are you friends with the guy? What kind of relationship do you currently have with him? I think you need to tell us more about your situation. It's difficult to give an advice on something we know very little about.

    • We've been on 2 dates. Scheduled for a 3rd date this Friday. I'm asking this question because he did 2 things. He said "I enjoy getting to know you. I'd like to hear from you more." BUT when I asked him when we're doing dinner, he said "I'll let you know Monday Afternoon." But he didn't. Instead, he got back to me Tuesday morning, which I think is a mini red flag (he didn't keep his word).

      However, I'm thinking about him today and would love to hear his voice. So I'm wondering if I should just call or let him come to me?

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    • Cool. Needed to hear that, thanks!

    • You're welcome honey.

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  • Call. If you don't get him def leave a message.


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