Ex boyfriend contacting me when he has a relationship?

We dated for like 3 months but were on and off for 3 more months and then I broke with him the final time. He was really mad, he didn't talk to me for months. After like a month or two he started dating this girl. We saw each other during summer once and I texted him to see whats he's up to. He responded really well even wanted to hangout (but I didn't because he has a girlfriend) Then we stopped talking for a while (about 3 months) but he texted me 2 weeks ago and we talked on the phone. We talked today too, even if it was only "friends" we have our awkward moments but I dont understand why would he still want to be in close contact with me when he is dating with this girl for 8 months now? Does he still like me? I thought about the "he wants sex" option too but we never had sex that's why it sounded off to me. When we first started talking he wanted to kiss me bbut I didn't then we talked more but stopped suddenly now we're talking again he didn't open the kissing subject again but he keeps making references to our old relationships "good old days" or "you're still the same" type of stuff I'm s-o confused.


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  • I think things aren't going well with his present girlfriend and is looking at you as a backup


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  • End the contact. First reason, he is only contacting you because he isn't satisfied with his relationship, so he's seeking satisfaction from someone other than his girlfriend. He isn't decent enough to talk to his girlfriend about the issue. Second reason, he doesn't respect you or his girlfriend, because he's misleading you, and deceiving his girlfriend. You can't expect him to treat you any better were he your boyfriend. Third reason, if he truly valued you, and wanted you more than his girlfriend, he would end the relationship to pursue you. He is simply getting attention from you, and it boosts his ego. You are being used, and your feelings are being manipulated. Please have enough self-respect to cut ties, and move on from such an immature person.


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