Would you think this is a date?

(Background: this girl and I are in college - and we have a couple of classes together, so we talk a little, but usually just in class and about school stuff, nothing deep or personal. We're friendly, but it's not like we ever hang out or anything.)

Last weekend I got free tickets to a dance at our school, so I texted her and asked if she'd want to go. (I would've liked to ask in person, but the dance is this week and the school basically gave us no notice it was coming up - so I wanted to ask her asap.) Basically I told her that I got free tickets and that I felt like she'd be an interesting person to go with.

She said yes and that it sounded like fun - but I can't figure out whether she thinks this is like a friends thing or a date. What would you think if it were you? I meant it in the date way for sure, but I'm not sure how to clarify that, or if I even need to clarify it, now after the fact - any ideas?

Also: I've seen her a couple of times in class since then, and she's not acting weird or different. We talk a little before class, just like we always do. (But then she's also kind of quiet and reserved, I don't really know how to read her, so I don't know if that means anything or not.)
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  • Don't Over think anything, @johnb41 just let the Time you spend together Dictate what it Might Be... A date. And with you asking her to go with Free tickets, it sounds like it is what it is here, dear.
    She is most likely feeling a nice guy asked her on a' Date,' and that if it doesn't work out, you both can stay friends and maybe just Hang out, from time to time.
    You both don't really know one another so she may feel there could be More in Store with dancing the night away with you.
    Let the night go, get to know her better in putting not only your dancing shoes on, but your thinking cap as well, and let the Time you spend in painting the town red, tell you if there might even be a Next... Date.
    No need to say anything, just enjoy this event. Mother nature will let you know if there is a romance being reaped and a seed being planted or just A... Sprout that you took out.
    Good luck. xx


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  • I would take going to a dance as a date unless you stated otherwise. Hope it goes well!

  • In my opinion I would always think it is a date. I don't know.

  • You make it sound like you told her (via text!) that you basically wanted to use free tickets and thought she might enjoy it. I think she could interpret it either way, so just make sure your intentions are clear in your words and your actions (you're a big boy, I'm sure you know how to show that you're interested)


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