He called me a soul less emotionless cold hearted b****?

I hung out with this guy a couple of times. And he did something weird and I said something. Then he called me what i said above. It's not the first time I been called that. I don't get it though. What makes you believe someone is like that


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  • I relate soulless unemotional with someone with a lack of empathy, like the Nazi's not saying you're that


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  • they'd have to be someone really really really unbelievable for me to even THINK of them like that.
    most guys shit talk when they insult girls like that by the way, so don't take it into account. don't ever let anyone make u think that about yourself, no matter what u might have done to receive that insult.

    u also gotta remember though that a guy won't lash out like that for no reason. u haven't given us any context either so i can't actually give u the other half of my opinion without knowing what happened prior. I'm not just gonna think he's the bad guy for no reason. doesn't make sense.


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  • Whatever you said had to have been awfully harsh to warrant that reaction.


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