This guy at work asked for my number, but I recently found out he's seeing someone. I'm confused, what should I do?

We both work together. I always catch him staring at me. I went up to him the other day and said, "I think you're cute." Then he replied, "I think you're cute too, let me have your number." So I gave it to him. He texted me a money sign emoji but never really replied. The next day I find out he's seeing some other girl.


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  • He's probably dating her, and dating other people too. Are you okay with that or not.

    • Oh, but here's the thing, my co-worker sent me a screenshot of their conversation, asking him if that girl is his girlfriend, and he said "dating for a bit but barely my girlfriend low-key"

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    • Should I just go for it? Give it a shot?

    • If you're comfortable knowing he is seeing other women at the same time, yeah.

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