Why does girl I am dating always ask who I went to X event with, or how I know a girl. Why?

I like this girl I am dating. Whenever we talk about things we have been up to between seeing eachother, and I tell her about my life, she always asks who went with me.
Or just recently, I found out two of our friends met at school and were friends. I mentioned this her. The girl I am dating asked how I knew her.
I can't tell if it's a trust issue, or she is simply asking to ask...
Any thoughts?


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  • Can't someone be genuinely curious about something like this without being accused of having trust issues?
    Are there any other warning lights other than that she just asks who you go places with?

    • i want to believe that. I just feel like I am being put on the spot when she asks me that.
      Is there anything wrong with me just asking point blank why she does that? Or should I just let it be?

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    • Hah! Oh my. After reading that, I don't think she has trust issues. I am going to ask her in person next time I see her and that happens.

    • Good choice :)

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  • It seems like trust issues to me. It doesn't seem right for her to ask out to that detail if she was just making conversation. There's more to it I think.

  • She could genuinely be curious or she could be jealous and doesn't really want you hanging out with other chicks alone

  • She might just really like you too & have a jealousy issue. She probably doesn't want you interested in other girls


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