Is it a good sign that he wants to spend the New Years with me?

We've been seeing each other for a month now. We would go to the movies and to the beach and do a lot of things together. He would take me to his gym and to the places where he studies. I stay over at his place a lot, watching movies, studying or just talking. I know it's too soon to ask him very serious relationship questions but sometimes I just can't help it. I did ask him about that two weeks ago and he said he needed to think about it, since we didn't know each other too well yet. We spent the Thanksgiving holidays together for the whole three days (Not on the Thanksgiving Day though because he went to his uncle's and I went to LA). I planned on going back to China for three weeks for Christmas, but changed it to two weeks because he hoped that I could come back earlier and we can go on a roadtrip or do random fun stuff before school starts. Sometimes it took him such a long time to text me back though lol
After considering I do want us to go further. So I just want to know if it's a good sign that he wants to spend the New Years with me, since the New Years actually mean something special to me.
He would introduce me to some of his friends, and he always says that he likes me, and that I'm cute, and he always calls me baby. He would give me a ride if I need it sometimes. It's just he's really busy everyday, especially on the weekdays so sometimes I feel very insecure. He told me that he would not date other girls. When he's not busy he would call me 3 times a day. Still, sometimes I don't know where we're going, since we haven't really talked about this


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  • He will give you multiple excuses if he doesn't want to spend New years with you, simple. Look closer at his actions


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