I am meeting up with my first crush from High School, who rejected me. Its been 5 years. Help?

So I stopped talking to people that I went to high school with. Including this guy. He was the person I think of as my true "first crush", and when I went for it and asked him out, he became my first rejection.

But back then, we were 15, and he had what I like to call "pretty girl syndrome". When we were teenagers we were still friends. He came over all the time to play Super Smash Bros on the N64, but was always careful to make sure I knew it was only as friends.

Fast forward, we're both 23. He's been out of state for military, and I've been single for 6 months. He's been single for awhile too (via Facebook). About two months ago, after not talking to him for years, I took a shot in the dark and messaged him to ask when he would be back in our home city (where I live) to see if he'd like to meet for lunch and to catch up. He mentioned December, and got home a couple days ago. Long story short, we made plans to have a low-key lunch and to visit the local Botanical Conservatory.

I know I am not expecting anything but friendship, but just thinking about him still gives me that little "crush" feeling. In a more serious, mature way of course. I think about how much I've changed since high school and I wonder if he's changed. I'd like a chance with him but I know its not fair to ask for one after not talking for so long. Although, when I messaged him he was still so comfortable to talk to, as if no time had passed at all.

So out of all this, my questions are: is there a specific way to appeal to him? Say.. you're about to meet up with this kind of girl, what might make you see her as more than a friend? Also, I'm a crafty person and wanted to make him an early Christmas present. Would that be weird? I just wanted to do a small painting of something to do with Super Smash Bros, since that was how we spent most of the time we hung out. Any other helpful tips are appreciated.


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  • What might make you see him as more than a friend is social intelligence, wit, charisma etc. But what makes a guy to be attracted to her mostly, is physicality.

    • I don't think that's true for all guys. I know physical attraction is important, but I know some guys who are attracted to girls for their personality or intelligence. Also I don't know if his preference looks-wise has changed, I look better than I did in high school.

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