Good Idea's for a movie night with the boyfriend? help please?

Okay so, i want to have a movie night with my boyfriend tomorrow night but the thing is i have a big family and we are all in this small house together, i share a room with my sister so that doesn't help. So i'm not sure where to get some alone time, i would go outside but its been cold lately. My older sister does have her own room though so she might let me borrow it. Like i want alone time, and should i have candles or? what type of movie genre is usually the best to watch?


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  • you can choose Horror (if you not scared and horror is cool) Thriller (similar to horror with jump scares which is also kinda cool) Disney (you can never go wrong with Disney) Anime (well errr if you and him like it then should be no problem) etc (other ones that etc)

    but what you should do is pick 5 that you like and ask him to pick 1.


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