Pursue relationship or just sleep around? Try to date the girl I like or just hoe with my other options?

My 2nd semester is about over and I felt instant attraction to one particular girl in one of my classes. I made sure to sit next to her and I chat her up most days but nothing too serious.

I'm usually too exhausted for a real conversation (and it's a class where we can't really do that) but I'm pretty sure she liked me too. Some other guy in my class tried to talk to her before class and she gave me the save me look. After class we walked back to her car and I may have messed up by not asking for her number.

She sarcastically said it was nice meeting me on the last day of class. I missed that cue, I was just happy I was able to stay coherent despite being tired again. I saw her next Thanksgiving break where I was completely refreshed but all of us were too busy cramming for our Test to have fun. Now I am sweating because our Final is not for an entire week and I just want to get a number, date, or get rejected so I can move on already.

Should I go hard for what I want on the last day even if I look stupid or cut my losses? Normally I am either very indecisive choosing a girl to pursue or I just cast a wide net and talk to every pretty girl that comes along. Rarely does a girl come around who catches my full attention but I have never made anything happen with one of these women in my entire life.

Or would it just be smarter to just explore all my options and not place so much importance on how excited I get when she comes into view. Or get her number and still talk to other girls who look at me?


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  • You can get her number. That doesn't mean you're not allowed to be with other girls...


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