Why am I always the one calling/texting first?

So, I've been texting with a guy I met on the gym last week. He was kind and amazingly perfect. I asked for him number and I got it. I texted him the day after and he seemed really interested too and we talked for hours. And now to the question, why am I always the one starting our conversations? Is he not interested or is he busy or something? And am I too clingy? We even (almost) planned a date.


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  • Well how often do you text him? At the beginning of relationships most of the time people want to know each other so has he asked about you? If you feel that he is interested in you, you should let him text you by waiting. try a little play hard to get some guys would feel "hey this girl is easy to get" sorta thing

    also maybe he's busy but if he's interested he will make time.

    • Every morning when I wake up. But I always wait for a reply before I text again. And also I am usually the one ending the conversation too.

      He always says "Gotta work now, I'll call you later, can't wait to hear your voice again." or "I'm so happy you approached me and gave me the opportunity to get to know you" and bla bla bla.. he has never called me or texted me even though he promised me to do it.

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    • Okay, I will! Thank you 🙊

    • Mohahahahah 😈😈😈

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  • Only one way to find out.. STOP TEXTING OR CALLING FIRST. Let him call or text you and arrange a date. If he doesn't bother you know he's not interested.

    • Okay, thank you. Don't know why I haven't thought of this before. 🙊

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  • Was the date at the gym?

    • No we were planning to go skiing.

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