Are we just friends?

My guy friend and I have been friends for over a year already. This semester, we have nearly everyclass together becuase of our major. We're always together and sitting next to each other in class. One day, someone asked me if we both were together, but we're not. She told me we do look like it. Then i started asking myself. Does he like me? Then i thought, impossible, cause he liked one of our friends and apparently she rejected him. During this semester, he told me he liked this girl in this class, and he's always asking me advice and what to say to her, unfortunately she dropped the class) And we dont always text each other. Then i started to wonder, I asked him for help couple times with one of our classes and he's been tutoring me a lot. I asked him for help and he helps me right away (like driving me somewhere). He even tried to introduce me to his boss so I can work with him. Since couple days ago when I asked him for help with tutoring, he was happy about it. As he tutors me, he teases me a lot. I mean, a lot. THe other day, we were tutoring again, he was like Im going to tell this person you that annoys you a lot to tutor you, I said "hush child" and he's like I just want to mess with you. When a person that we know came, he kept trying to piss us off, he said something to me that really was offensive, and he thought it was funny. So he tried to piss my friend off while he was tutoring me and he said something back to him to shut him up. Yesterday, I was getting ready for the test and he saw me panicing and he's like you'll do fine! and stuff. I dont know. Are we just friends or no...


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  • I don't feel anything from your story to say there is more than friends. Why don't you ask him out for lunch or something and see how it goes and how you feel?


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