So there is this girl, I would really like to date her. Please help?

So this girl, we do a theatre production together that actually involves my ex girlfirend with whom she is friends. I find her to be amazing, attractive, sexy, intellectual, intellegent, and pretty much everything I am into. Here is the downside. Both of us are just getting out of these serious relationships. I am over mine, but she says she is still trying to get past hers and wants nothing serious right now. When we first hung out, it was after one of the shows when the cast went to a bar to get some drinks. We ended up on one side of the table away from everyone talking for about 3 hours. During this time I found out a lot about her, but had no expectations of anything. When the bar closed some random events turned into her coming over to my place, but without protection we didn't go all the way. She spent the night and the next morning she gave me her number and talked about taking it slow if anything. So 2 weeks go by and I asked her out 3 separate times. She doesn't text me nor texted a whole lot when we did. Come 3 weeks after that one night, she texted me asking if I wanted to get together for a drink which I of course jumped on immediately. That night we ended up finding out more about each other and each saying the liked the other. We laughed, had a good time, and ended the night by making out at her car before she had to leave (she had to get up early so we left around 12:30). So to this point, I have only seen her twice and she says she likes me and wants to take it slow. One thing that gives me hope is she said because of my ex she did have to think about it but that they are only friends to an extent. Someone please please give me some outside advice. One other thing is she has said she is getting over an ex boyfriend who treated her like garbage. So taking it slow would be best for her. I have no issue with this a a lot of patience. Someone give me some good advice or just good news in general! If you need info please ask!


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  • Well she definitely likes you, which means you two can definitely work! You have to get in there quick and win her over. From my point of view, the only thing that's keeping her from you is her feelings about her ex. So this is what you gotta do. She said she was treated bad by her ex so you have to do something that gets her attention. Do something really sweet, really gentlemen like. It sounds cheesy but that's exactly what she needs. You do something really sweet, she'll be thinking about it all day and totally forget about her crappy ex. You have to do something that shows you actually care about her feelings, unlike her ex. Yeah I know it sounds really cheesy but you do this and she'll be thinking about you day and night and you'll totally her trust.

    • Something sweet you can do is maybe oh i don't know, do something you guys talked about. When you guys have another rehearsal, bring her her favorite starbucks. take her to her favorite resturant, but don't do anything afterwards, sexually wise. Just give her a kiss goodnight and send her off. All night she'll just be thinking about how sweet you are and boom. Did she even have a crappy ex? uh no!

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