Have you ever developed feelings for another user?

Though you've never met, but seen each others photo and messages back and forth. Everything seems right in the world when you talk to them. Lay awake and think of them but don't feel sleepy at all, your mind racing with things they said, and wanting tomorrow to come so quick so you can talk to them again?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I mean. Yes? But only because we actively talk off of GaG. I didn't develop feelings for his picture or anything on here, just from the conversations we had.

    But I got over the feelings, and now we're just good friends 😌 the only thing that keeps me up is/was our all night conversations and disagreements when they ended up unresolved.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Yes, if me and a girl (I don't message many guys lol) talk for like more than 2 weeks, then I start being like that.

    Actually I am active a lot so I do that all the time


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