Why is racial preference considered racist?

If one's racist for not dating people of certain races, then is one who doesn't like certain foods, music, etc, also a bigot and closed-minded even though they cannot change their likes and preferences?


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  • Because it's not.
    If you say something like "I would never date a (filler) person because they are all ugly" - then that's racist. If you just say "I prefer dating (filler) because they are more my type" that's simply a racial preference and not racist.

    • But they are ugly to many people.

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    • The first I wouldn't really consider racial preference though.

    • @Joc4Position That's the point, it isn't.

What Guys Said 1

  • You can't change your preferences more than likely because you're an adult. Just like foods and music. It's hard to retrain the brain to like different things. You grew up and learned and where taught what to like and saw what you liked. So in other words at an early age you probably were taught to have a racial preference.

    • This is why people say adults are ignorant, and that babies are innocent. Babies have yet to develop their own views. Their own perception. Even physically their perception has yet to develop. Once it does and you become an adult it's hard to change it. It's hard to turn a table into a chair as far as views go.

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