How to pick up girls at clubs if I can't dance?

So I am just back from Skygarden, I went there alone for 7 hours mostly at the rooftop. A lot of sexy Australian girls, I tried to talk and flirted a little bit but I wasn't confident at all because I can't dance, I spoke with several white dudes there at the balcony. They all mistook me as Japanese. I hardly understand their speaking and my English is way better than most Indonesians.

It's my third time being in a club, club was never my thing. I really didn't know what to do. I tried day game before, I approached girls before who are alone on the beach. But at clubs, many competitors and I can't dance.

I saw an Indian guy pull, he danced with her, touched her. It makes me so angry.

And the most upsetting part is when I said to a sexy Australian girl " You're fucking sexy " . Then she replied " Yeah, that's my boyfriend, he pointed a short (about 5'4") skinny dark ugly creebo hair balinese. I said , "Okay I just want to say it" then I back off but I stay there and kept staring at her. They were hugging and kissing. I mean it was just so upsetting and irritating. I feel like I want to cry. Chinese Indonesians always feel superior to native Indonesians. Now, the people I used to despise the most have what I want the most.

By the way I am worried, I kept staring at the indian guy and balinese guy and probably they notice it. Should I try other club tomorrow? There might be some reprisal.

Anyone especially who's been to Bali, please help me what should I do and whether I should remain at Skygarden? Tomorrow afternoon I am going to pick up at the beach. Basically today I mostly stayed at the side, danced a bit and learned how to dance, acted cool and observed the people and the clubs.


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  • I didn't read the long post but I can say the best way to pick up a hot girl anywhere is to openly hit on her ugly friend. Girls are competitive and if they see you workin on their friend they start trying to find out why you aren't interested in them. The less interest in them you show, the more they want your attention.


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