Girls, would you help me to improve myself?

I was and I'm still horrible at dating. Help me to get better and PLEASE be straight and honest no matter how harsh your answer gonna be.

Several years I tried to date girls and ended mostly in friendzone and with the friends of the girl telling me that she said "I'm not a man enough". They were right. I was a wuss.
I tried to change and improve myself (professional, fitness, social,..) and I did.

In the last 1-2 years I tried to avoid the traits that sent me in the friendzone (I get dates with hookups) but at the end they kind of let me go. There is a pattern in the last 3-4 dates.
The reasons were similar; like: "I want something serious", "We don't communicate". I know that you girls don't want to hurt the feelings so I though it is another way to say: "You are not a man enough" and tried to act cool and avoid friendzone.

My questions: Which is your way to react and break with a guy: "who is not a man enough" and how do you react when you let him go for other reasons like communication?
What do you think? Am I still a wuss and try to convince myself the oposite or I'm a cold fish?

PS: The last one I felt her taking distance after we spent some good time togheter and then out of the blue I said: "I'll go no." trying to act cool and not to linger to much around her. She asked me: "Why? Don't you want to stay anymore?"


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