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I've recently met this really beautiful girl who I share a lot in common with. She is a freshman in college and I'm a senior. So far, she hasn't made any friends here and told me that she usually just stays in her dorm all day or goes out to the city alone, or goes home, which is about an hour away from the school. I too have not made any close friends and usually just spend my days alone. Anyways, I've befriended her and ate dinner with her one night. I found out that she was in marching band like me and plans on joining the university wind ensemble, which I play in as well. She seemed really friendly and genuine. I asked if we could be Facebook friends, but we couldn't find each other. I got nervous about asking her for her number because I thought I would seem desperate to get her contact information. She ended up asking for mine, but I didn't get hers. She said she would text me. I did get her email earlier that night and we've only had conversations through email so far. She still hasn't texted me at all. In person, she seems so interested in me. She also shows a lot of interest in her emails (emojis, exclamation marks. etc.) I keep wondering why she hasn't texted me yet. I asked her by email if she wants to hang out, she should text me. She agreed and seemed really excited about it. That was a week ago. The past weekend was Thanksgiving, so she probably went back home. This weekend is the last weekend before Winter break, and I'm wondering if she'll want to hang out. I've been waiting for her text, but haven't gotten one. I really want to email her and ask her to hang out. What should I do?


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  • She wouldn't have been in touch if she was really interested


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