Is it weird to have a Mania relationship?

So i just learned that i have a mania relationship, which mean its going to be crazy , roller coaster relationship. I am going to always need that person and want that person. I am going to feel depressed and do crazy shit. I do feel like the sex is going to be AMAZING!!! I just dont know why i would have that kind of relationship. I know i have problems, im kind of crazyyyy. I have episodes were i fucking freak out and just shut down and won't talk to anyone. I dont know how to have a reationshi since i never had a boyfriend, i never been on a fucking date, Lol im 19 years old. So how the hell am i going to deal with my Mania relationship once im in one? i fear i will lose the guy that i date because i am kind of crazy and shit, but not a lot men like that and i want to get married and have kids. SO do you guys think its weird to have a mania relationship? do you think i will ever be able to have a relationship with someone who can put up with me?
I am also a sex crazed virgin, lol i dont plan on losing it until im married or in a commited relationship when im like 25. But I don't know where life is going to take me, so what do y'all think?
I am mature, I don't do things that guys want, I don't send nudes, have sex, or do anything like that. I really don't see how this sounds like a 10 year old, If you understand the definition of mania you would understand.


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  • sound like a 10 year old... please act a little mature... you can change things...


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