What do I do in this situation?

Ok, so I met this girl in my class and I have always had my eyes set in her since the first day. The whole semester I was to nervous to ever say anything other than a few words. So I made a promise to myself to say something the last day of class in which I did and I got her number. She tells me she just got out of a relationship, but I didn't know it was within a 2 months span. We instantly hit it off for whatever reason and we made a lot of plans to spend time together. Tonight we were supposed to go grab something to eat, but instead she sent me a text saying she has to tell me something and not to get mad. I promised her and she told me that she isn't ready to go out with anyone just yet because she feels as if she isn't in the right place... but she said she wants to settle for phone conversation for now because she thinks I'm "mad cool" . Is this just a way of telling me that she isn't interested or am I just over thinking? I mean, I really like her. Should I just continue talking to her on the phone at night. Does she just need time?


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  • It sounds like she is just hesitant to start dating again. Don't overthink it. It sounds like she want to get to know you a little more first. Keep talking to her but don't be the "ohh there, there" type of guy cuz you will be friend zoned. Try to keep the conversation about the two of you. Just give her some time then ask her out again.


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