Girls, Which profession do you think is the most attractive for men?

Which of these professions would you want your Boyfriend/Husband to be involved in? Why? Which one do you find most attractive?

Just to be clear I'm not asking about personality so you dont even need to mention it. :)
  • Military (Marines, Navy, Army, etc)
    Vote A
  • Engineering
    Vote B
  • Law/Politics
    Vote C
  • Business
    Vote D
  • Art/Music
    Vote E
  • Education
    Vote F
  • Medicine
    Vote G
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Most Helpful Girl

  • He can be anything as long as he is one of the best in that field
    Also i do not prefer something like military which can be danger to him.
    I dont like artists and musicians too because they can be too emotional, though desiners are fine :)

    • Oh "best" is good at what he does thats all :)) dont need to be a genius

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What Girls Said 2

  • I feel obligated to vote for law/politics because that's the career field my boyfriend is going into :p

    But I actually like cowboys haha

  • Education. I have a thing for teachers.


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