Would I get made fun of and told you can do better?

if i date a really unttractive girl who completely let herself go because i can't get no one else and i dont wanna be lonely https://imgur.com/MGDimk2 and maybe i would fall in love with her im 24 i dont wanna be single forever and as shy as i am i think that would be the case
the link in the question is me i added it so people can see what i look like and can give a honest opinion on my situation


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  • If you think compromising will make you happy, then sure go for it.

    • how is it compromising i can't do better and trying will only make me miserable

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  • Dude! That is seriously rhw ugliest girl I have ever ever ever seen! God! Don't go near her!

    • dude thats not a girl its me i added a picture so people could say if my dating preference made sense

    • I know. I was trying to be funny.

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