Am I being naive?

Girl in hs. She's had plenty time to make moves. We just graduated. She added me on ig. she's liked my selfies and at times comments. One time she liked my meme that said "I need a babe and i don't need a babe". It was my bday last week. She said "we should take our fast cars out for a spin & nice rims you have *in love emoji face* ". One other time she said "i just got a new car we should celebrate with a cold beer". I had gfs in the past so im no ugly. Now we never hang out or talk/txt this is just on social media that happens. My guy friends is friends with her and when they asked her about me she said "he's a cool guy". ...

Is it me or is this chick trying everything for me to hang with her & likes me? Or is she just being friendly? ... or am i being blind and she's throwing herself at me?


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  • It doesn't mean anything, get over it.


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