Girls, Relationship help! My girlfriend of the last 6 months, serious relationship, holds my past against me. Help?

She is a Catholic and I am not, and I was her first time. I had sex with several people before her and that always haunts her and makes her worried and hurt. She said she thinks about the other people I've been with and it hurts her. Obviously I could never change that, but what can I say or do to help comfort those feelings? Thanks.


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  • Tell her what she means to you. You may have to write a cheesy long ass note to remember it, but it's important for her to know you aren't hung up on them, cause that is a part of what she is thinking. Humans are gelous creatures sometimes and when they think about you being intimate with them the way you are with her, she feels less special. It must be important to her if she is feeling this way. Hang in there.


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