So do I pretty much just wait for him to confirm plans for a date?

I asked this guy I've liked for a while if he wanted to hang out sometime during the next few days or so. I initially suggested tomorrow after class, but then we both kind of agreed that it would be best if we waited until after finals are over. He asked if next Friday was okay, and I said yes because I will have finished all my finals by then (same with him). So he said he'll text me sometime next week to let me know when he's free. That's all fine and dandy, but what if he forgets to do that? If that happens, should I text him and say, "Hey, I was wondering if you're still up for hanging out soon"? This guy is a Japanese international student, so I know I can't really expect him to understand how dating works here in America. Any tips?


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  • Hey, coming from my experience, i think you should ask him sometime soon. It won't come off as weird trust me because one, he'll probably know that you still care to hang out and two, it can also come off as a regular check in. If you two schedule to hang out, always make sure to check in a little bit before since honestly i didn't do that and my crush totally forgot about it! When i told him about it, he told me I could've messaged him beforehand to check in, so my mistakes too i guess. Good luck to you!

    • I'm paranoid enough about these things as it is, so you can bet I'll be checking in haha :) thanks!

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