So I asked this new cutie out and I dont really understand his response.. GUYS HELP?

I've had my eye on a new cutie in my class this semester. and i finally decided being the end of the semester i should make a move and i messaged him and asked if he wanted to get coffee tommorw after class to which he replied " mmaybbbee my moms car broke down so i might have to go home right after class tomorrow ill let you know tomorrow!"
im nervous to see him in class now tommorw and i dont know what he thinks
(im 20 he is 23 by the way and we are in the same university program)
Thanks in advanced
-- laxgal09


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  • If you don't have a definite date it's 99 percent unlikely it will happen. It goes both ways for asking women or men out. Maybes usually mean no.

  • I think it means his mom's car broke down and he doesn't know his schedule. Maybe he thinks he'll need to take her to work n stuff


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