Girls, why do you do this?

So over the course of about 6 years I have watched a tragic story unfold. What happened you may ask? My friend, or used to be friend, Johnathan liked a girl for around 5 years. She kept telling me she liked him and was just waiting. They graduated about a year ago and before she could even tell him how she felt, he was off to war. He's dead now.
I'm in middle school, and you may ask how I know people this much older than me. He was my dad's best friends son.
So girls now that I have my weird example out of the way, why do you put the good men off. I am personally struggling with something right now where she goes on and off and I can never seem to be able to ask her out. Her friends always bring something up and I can't talk to her. She has put me off for two years, and actually started liking me about 2 months ago. I am a good guy, but I need to ask why you put people like me off. I don't praise women. I DO NOT WANT WHAT HAPPENED TO JOHNATHAN TO HAPPEN TO ME. I'm trying to get her before next Friday, because that's the day of the dance. In my opinion she is playing too hard to get. A lot of you gals do this, why? You just throw yourself at the bad guys but when a guy is respectable and you like him, you just don't let him get you. Honestly its frustrating. This girl is different than any other and I never get a chance to ask her out when I have the confidence. It's always: wait until my confidence is up, skip on him, hit on him next day. She does that a lot. I don't want a girl to just wait a few years, try to tell me she likes me but to late, I'm off learning how to be a corpsmen. Do you not like men who are going to defend our country. What is it? WHY DO YOU PLAY SP HARD TO GET SOMETIMES, SERIOUSLY?


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  • I don't really like bad boys they are to immature and that is coming from a middle schooler. Sometimes we don't know if you like us and we think you are really confusing and you think we are (yes we are) and vise versa. If a girl tells you she wants to "wait" for a relationship, then good bye cause she isn't serious enough to buckle down.

  • I don't play hard to get.
    Cuz no guys want this


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