What should I say?

I like this guy he liked me in 6 grade and he still likes me nd now were in 7 grade I like him but we go to diff schools but he said he likes me still and my friends found out and one said he would ask me to winter formal and some said he was gonna ask me out (they sent screenshots)... I don't know what to say if he does I will say yes... But how do I not be too shy?


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  • Omg I totally get it. I'm a year older and I can be shy as hell. Sometimes texting guys is a lot easier than talking in person. It honestly depends on where and how he asks you. Obviously you don't want to be really cheesy and just be like "Yes." If he asks you to the formal instead of saying just yes, say, "Sure, that would be fun!"


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  • When ever you guys talk it is best to take a big breath in, the breath out through your nose, it tends to calm your mind and your body from panicking. And just be yourself, when I was your age I was not myself and I didn't know what i wanted, so I played with people. It is best to be yourself because people see you for who you really are, and they tend to be more attracted this way.


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