Guys don't seem to care about my personality? (But I don't put out)?

Hi. So I'm in my late teens. I've never been in a serious relationship but that's just because I'm very serious about school and somewhat standoffish. Anyway, I just stared dating this new guy, and he's great. I feel really comfortable with him. But I feel like he's more about the physical aspects of me. We'll be talking and he'll just stare at me and say "you're so fucking pretty" or "you're so perfect." And this is not the first guy I've gotten this vibe from. He's always got his hand somewhere, my waist, back pocket, holding my hand, something. And he can't seem to go a minute without kissing me. Which is fine, but I just feel like we don't talk enough. I've already told him I'm not going to have sex with him right away, that it will take a while (I'm a virgin). But my ex (hardly an ex we barely dated for a month) was the same. He was more into my looks and whenever people would tell me what he said about me, it was about my looks or the fact that I'm a "cool" girl which is so vague. How can I make guys care more about my personality? I'm somewhat reserved but I've been told I'm really funny by most of my friends. I can even be goofy if you get to know me well enough...
And please no answers like "try to look ugly". I always try to look presentable. Like I can see how this question can seem like "humble bragging" but I'm being 100% serious.


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  • This physical thing with your guys is age related and at this age 100% sex related. If you're wanting more respect try older guys like 10-15 year olders or just wait

    • I'm not looking for a husband or anything but I would like to date someone who can keep me mentally stimulated. I guess I'll just have to wait lol.

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    • Those guys usually get snagged pretty quick.

    • Be quicker than your competition

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  • Same... I totally get it. I'm the same. Sometimes personality goes better through text. I've learned texting is easier than speaking in person sometimes.

    • Yeah I feel you. This guy im dating sucks at texting though haha.

    • This is the problem with gen xers. You're not being forced to communicate directly anymore and are hiding behind a phone or whatever. Texting has no emotion.

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  • Guys your age are gonna be more focused on your looks no matter what. Just try to have him go places with you where he has to be more mentally stimulating like a museum or a play where he can't just makeout with you


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  • Ugh yup... All I could read was SEX SEX SEX and MORE SEX! hahah your got have to date a 30 year old becasue those are the golden apples... in my humble opinion since i find most of them are mature and intelligent! Hon guys our age are just blah... now I know there's some 18 plus year old say apple what about me? I know that there are really good mature guys our age but they are hard to find... try volunteering? See if you meet those amazing young golden apples!


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