Stick with my ex or move on?

So me and my boyfriend have been arguing so much lately because of little things, like he says I want to spend too much time with him, he won't add me on social media, he calls me names, and he used to cheat on me. Well we were suppose to go to a Christmas parade together and when we got into an argument he ended up going the night before without me. And I got mad. Well the next day WE were suppose to go he tells me no were not going. So I stoped talking to him its been 2 days we haven't talked. We've been together 5years. Anyways, me nd this guy started off friends but have been talking a lot lately and I really like him nd he really likes me. He's so opposite of my boyfriend (well were broken up right now) he calls me beautiful nd treats me like a princess!! I've NEVER been with anyone else besides my boy of 5 years. My dilema is, should I cut my boy off completely and start talking to this new guy? I love my boy so much and I hurt soo so much and cry when we're not together.. but he doesn't even seem to call me nd he's never home.. But when I talk to this guy I forget about my boy.. What should I do?


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  • Your in a really toxic relationship with your boyfriend. I dont see why he wouldn't add you on social media, is he ashamed or something? isn't the whole point of social media to add the people you know so you can see what their up too.
    He cheated on you? That would be end of it for me. That just shows he didn't care about you. Dont let guys do that kind of stuff to you, your better than that.
    He should also tell you when he wants to change plans. If he goes somewhere you were supposed to go together, id be pretty mad as well. Thats rude.
    I honestly dont think you should be with anyone at the moment. Stay single, go hang out with friends, and just enjoy your life single for alittle while. Dont let the new guy be a rebound guy. If he likes you, he will stay around most likely. Just take some time for yourself. See what its like to live your life without your boyfriend and show him what its like to lose you. Your boyfriend is getting way to comfy, he needs to be reminded that you can leave whenever you damn well please


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