If you express feelings for your close ex-gf/female friend, and they don't reciprocate is their hope in the future?

So I have had a close female friend for the last 15 years, we had a serious relationship about 10 years ago, and remained friends after breaking up. Ever since then I've never fully gotten over her, but I haven't spoken up because she was either a.) dating someone else and I wouldn't try something on someone in a relationship or b.) I was trying to move on by dating someone else.

Then 4 months ago, both of us became single and unattached for the first time since we were together, and I figured if I was ever going to make a move it would be now or never. We've been getting back to going out every couple weeks to dinner, drinks and/or movies, and text every day.

I've gotten some indications that she's interested as well (shy eye contact when we're together, always finding reasons to touch, playing with her hair, a lengthy text conversation about what our hypothetical wedding would be, etc.), but she has also mentioned a guy that she was getting interested in.

So this past weekend she told me the other guy asked her if she wanted to go on a date next month after the holidays are over, so I decided this was my last chance to tell her how I felt before they could potentially start dating. So when we saw each other this week, I told her how I still had feelings for her and she basically said she wished she felt the same because I'm the person that makes the most sense for her to settle down with, but she doesn't feel the same.

This has left me very confused, I knew there was a significant chance she wouldn't feel the same but figured it would be a timing thing or a need to see things through with the other guy. I just don't understand her saying she doesn't have the same feelings at all as she seemed to be giving signs/mixed signals the past few months.

So in summary, my question is do I just walk away and try and move on now? Or could she become interested again? What's my best course of action from here?


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  • There's no hope for the future


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