Guys, what kind of presents would you like to receive from girls (or gf)?


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  • New Hiking boots Timberland


What Girls Said 1

  • I am guess its for your man.
    -game stop gift card
    -you could cook for him
    -you could make cookies
    -you can go special and buy him a book n write thing
    -make a nice poster of you and him
    -commerical watches?
    -video games
    -boxer, socks < the stuff is always needed (:
    -a shirt and a pair of pants from AE
    -sing him a song?
    -I would just give him a hug and maybe paint something small
    -cd that remind him that you care
    -picture frame?
    -a coat? maybe work shoes?
    -nike shoes if he works out a lot?
    -workout clothes hahah

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