Is there still a possibility with my ex?

So basically, in June I broke up with my boyfriend because I just flipped out and made a rash decision. A few months ago I apologised to him and said I regretted ending it and he said he still thought of me and wanted to try again but that never really happened because a week later we were talking and he kept asking what I wanted? So I said no tell me what YOU really want and he said okay I don't think I'm ready for anything serious at the minute. I was pretty heartbroken as he'd been the one who suggested we try again. So I respected his feelings and left him for a while then he spoke to me and we've just on and off been speaking and it's fairly flirty. It's just mixed signals galore and I can't tell if I should just accept nothing's going to happen or be a bit more optimistic?


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  • For 5 years, me and my ex tried to make our relationship work. Our feelings were so strong, we felt so attached, so connected but we were blind to our problems. Truth be told, I think our relationship ended the first time and we've just been unable to accept it. Getting back together was tough, we believed that this time things would be better, different but it never was. Our problems were never fixed, we kept going in circles. I only came to terms with the end of it recently, but I know that it's over and it's okay.

    Ask yourself why you broke up, take a good hard look at what brought it on, ask yourself if things are better, if something has changed. I believe time apart is the best way to gain the clearest perspective on the matter. Give yourself time to think, give yourself time to consider what's the best for yourself. When you've both had time, talk about what's best for the both of you, lay all the cards on the table, be honest and talk about why you broke up.

    But remember, just because the relationship didn't work, it wouldn't have to mean that your friendship can't.


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  • Getting back with an ex, is an act of desperation


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