Why I keep having these creepy dreams about my boyfriend?

We have been together for 4 months and everything is good but I keep having these really strange dreams.
In most of them he is trying to kill me or hurt me and I just keep running away from he. Is like he is a different person in my dreams.
Or in my other dreams he treats me bad. I even have them when he is sleeping next to me.

What do you think this means?


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  • Could mean something or could just be a strange way that your mind is processing information.

    Is there any truth to your dreams, like, does he have wild mood swings or go from being really sweet to really angry or mean?
    Does he mistreat you in any way?

    Are you afraid of having your heart broken or anything like that? Any trauma in your past?

    Those would be the areas I'd think might be connected, but that's pretty much a blind guess...


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