Gamer guy, what should I do?

I met a guy on an online game, we've been talking for really long, and started to hit it off, he's coming to visit me soon, he's 23 I'm 16, should I go ahead with it, I'm scared what mine and his parents will say about our ages? And I'm also scared he won't like me, cos I'm not skinny, I'm quiet chubby. I've been with guys his age and older before but my parents never knew.


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  • I think this could be a very dangerous situation. I know when you're young you tend to think that "stuff like that only happens in movies", but even if you have sent pictures back and forth, or video chatted with this guy, that doesn't mean he is who he says he is. If you've ever read up on sex trafficking, a lot of those girls are picked up by young charismatic men working for someone else. Please be extremely careful.

    • We haven't even had a sex talk in the time we've been talking? So it's not like that. But yeah I will be carful

    • That's what's concerning. Please know that I'm in no way trying to talk down to you. But from that comment it sounds like you feel that just because you haven't had a sex talk, that couldn't possibly be his intentions. People are manipulative, and they are very good about picking up on your intentions and desires and using that to hurt you. Again be careful. Good luck to you both.

    • Thank you for caring xx

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  • Before you see him see a fucking counseler or something and so does the kther guys that date little kids

    Kiddie fiddlers or what

    • Fuck off?

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    • I thought he was 26 and Go meet him.. Get burried in a massive ditch.. He'll need it

    • Well you see it says 23... use your eyes. Just pleaae fo away :)

  • just remember men who can't date their own age date younger and continue to move down from their age until they find someone they can date. So there may be something off about this guy. Just remember to be cautious and safe! and your parents will not be okay with this...


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  • You're probably below the age of consent. Read up on it for where you live.

    • Age doesn't usually matter to me. Not like we rushing into anything

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    • in Canada age of consent is 16

    • @howzit2015 :)

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