Am I the only girl that hates cuddling?

I have been dating a guy for 4 months and right after sex he is always trying to hug me. Even if he is sweaty he tries to put my head on his chest.
Or during the night he hugs me so tight that I can not breathe. I really need my space.

What can I do to not look like I am cold? Is this a problem for you?


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  • i hate girls that hae cuddlign. no offense and all... .

    • I need my space.

    • well not even a single hug? or cuddling for like 1 minute? i can't help bu to think people like that have some dderp rooted problem. you can't just hate affection. its a red flag for me in a person... .

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  • I feel the same, specially because I live in the beach and is extremely hot


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  • pretty sure you're not human

  • LOL no, not at all. There are lots of girls that want to fuck and then go eat pizza.


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