Would you reach out to someone who doesn't follow through with a date?

Met guy on Tinder. We've been on 2 dates already and we're scheduled for a 3rd date tonight. He would say things like "You're so great. Why are you single?" or "I enjoy getting to know you and I'll always make time for you" or "I'd like to hear from you more. Call me if you wanna have a conversation." He's really sweet and I don't get the player vibe from him at all.

So I reached out to him on Monday and we made dinner plans for Friday Night. However, it is now early Friday morning and I haven't heard from him since then. If he doesn't follow through with the date, I was thinking of sending him a text tmrw saying "What happened yesterday?" or if it reaches 4pm today and still no word, I was thinking of sending "Did you ever get my last text confirming for tonight?"

Any thoughts are appreciated.


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  • I wouldn't make any decisions based on him not responding to one text. You never know what could have happened. He may have lost his phone or something or gotten a new one. And occasionally texts really aren't delivered. A girl sent me a text a few months ago that I never got. And it wasn't something she'd lie about - it was related to a football game. I only know about it because she followed up about the text while we were talking on the phone, and then she said "oh, it still says 'sending'." It never came through. And I'm having issues with not being able to send or receive texts this week.

    I would text him today, maybe even right now, and ask what's going on tonight. Don't be irritated or angry or anything, just ask what the plan is. Actually you might even want to call him and leave a voice mail if he doesn't pick up. If he never responds, then you can forget him. But not just yet.


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  • I'd text him soon to say" we still on for tonight? what's the plan?"

    • because, as you said "we made plans for fri" implies he did get your text.

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    • Update: So I didn't need to text him because he ended up texting me. He said "Hey you. How was the rest of your week?" Did not mention the date. I'm not sure how to respond to his message, but for now I'll probably just ignore it. Any suggestions are appreciated.

    • DONT IGNORE IT. RESPOND. Clearly there was a miscommunication. You like him, he likes you. Don't play games.
      Say hi, see if he wants to get together tomorrow.

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  • He'll probably contact you later today but if he doesn't, no don't contact him. He is dead to you.


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